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Inquiry PIN Letter

Read about what's inside the Inquiry PIN Letter sent by the IRS.

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Confirmation from Aatrix eFile Center:

"Thank you for registering this taxpayer and/or updating bank information in your Aatrix eFile Center account. Aatrix has requested a Batch Provider EFTPS PIN that links your company to the Aatrix EFTPS Batch Provider system.

Please note the PIN issued to Aatrix will NOT AFFECT the EFTPS PIN(s) that you currently use to process those payments with the IRS directly. This is a PIN that is only available for Aatrix to use when you submit a Federal Deposit/Payment Coupon, 8109V Form, through the Aatrix eFile Process."

The IRS will be sending the taxpayer a letter titled “Your EFTPS Inquiry PIN”. This letter contains an Inquiry PIN that can be set up through the EFTPS system to view any EFTPS Batch Provider payments that Aatrix submits for the taxpayer. Please note this Inquiry PIN cannot be used to submit payments. It is only a tool to be able to view the payments that Aatrix submits on your behalf!

If you have further questions, please email us at helpme@aatrix.com. Be sure to include your Federal EIN and/or Aatrix Filing ID, AFID, in the subject line of the email so we can locate the account/filing.

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