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94X Reporting Agent PIN

Learn where to input your 94X Reporting Agent PIN.

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When selecting that you are a Reporting Agent, you will be prompted during the eFile Session for the following information:

    • Reporting Agent PIN (5 digits)
    • ETIN/EFIN (6 digits)
    • Control Name

Learn where to input your 94X Reporting Agent PIN.



This PIN will not be displayed on your account on https://efile.aatrix.com. If, for any reason, the information provided is invalid, your filing will be rejected. If a rejection does occur you will be able to resubmit the form and re-fill in the information above.  

If your ETIN is only 5 digits, you may enter a leading zero (0) in front of your existing 5 digits to make your ETIN 6 digits. 


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