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Attaching the Schedule B

Learn when and how you attach the 941 Schedule B

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On page 2, part 2, of the 941 Form there are three options:

    • Option 1: Line 12 on this return is less than $2,500 or line 12 on the return for the prior quarter was less than $2,500, and you did not incur a $100,000 next-day deposit obligation during the current quarter.
    • Option 2: You were a monthly schedule depositor for the entire quarter.
    • Option 3: You were a semiweekly schedule depositor for any part of this quarter.

Attaching the Schedule B


By selecting the third option, "Semiweekly Schedule Depositor", you will receive a message on the screen stating that Semiweekly depositors must complete a 941 Schedule B.

Once you select "OK", the Schedule B will be attached to the form and be available for revisions, if needed. 

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