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W-2/1095/1099 Pricing

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Initial Pricing:

When using the Complete W-2/1095/1099 eFiling Service, there is a $24.95 minimum charge or a $1.99 per employee charge. The $24.95 minimum charge applies to all W-2/1095/1099 initial filings.

Note: This price may not be subject to your company based on the accounting software. Please log onto your eFile account at https://efile.aatrix.com. Then navigate to the pricing tab to view your specific pricing, as well as other eFile options available at a lower rate.


How to Pay:

When going through the eFiling portion of processing a form, you will be prompted for a credit card. If there is no access to a credit card, we recommend buying a prepaid card to use to pay for the eFiling fees.

If you have additional questions, please contact our Sales Department at 800-426-0854.


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