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Filing Status

Learn how to check your filing's status.

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To check the status of your filing:

    • Login. 
    • Navigate to the Filings tab. 
    • You will see a table with each eFile that has been submitted.
    • To view even more information about a particular filing, click on Details to the right of the AFID.



    • Some filings may have multiple jobs or portions.  These portions may be submitted by our eFile center at different times.


Note: Aatrix is a bulk filer, the submissions are sent to the agency in batches. The status of the filing will not change until it is submitted to the agency. Aatrix will submit closer to the due date of the filing. Once Aatrix has submitted the filing to the Agency, the filing will no longer be able to be deleted.

The filing will maintain an OPEN status until we have received confirmation from the agency. If the filing is accepted, the status will switch to CLOSED. If the filing is deleted or rejected, clicking on the AFID on the filings tab will show you that as a status.

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