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The Calendar tab is used to setup and maintain payroll reminders.

Before going through the process to set up the calendar, make sure the Filing States are filled in on the Companies tab.

After clicking on the Calendar tab, you will be prompted to setup the calendar reminders.  If you have multiple companies, select the company you want to set up the calendar for by choosing the company from the drop-down menu.

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The information needed to set up the calendar is as follows:

    • Federal Filer 
      Select the Federal Filing Frequency for the company.

Calendar 2.jpg

    • Filing States
      This will show all states that have been selected under the Filing States on the Companies tab. Select the state to set up reminders for, then click Next

Calendar 3.jpg

    • State Filer Status
      Use the dropdown beside each filing state and choose the state filing frequency(Not every state will have this option.) 

Calendar 4.jpg

    • Pay Period
      Select the Pay Period for the company.

Calendar 5.jpg

    • Pay Day of Week
      Select the Day of the Week the employees are paid.

Calendar 6.jpg

    • Pay Date Review
      Review pay dates for this company by selecting or deselecting dates on the calendar.

      This will show the highlighted Pay Dates.
      • If you select a highlighted date, it will remove it from the reminder system.
      • If you select a non-highlighted date, it will add it to the payday reminder system.

Calendar 7.jpg

    • Actual Pay Day
      Select a date that the employees have been paid in the past.

Calendar 8.jpg

    • Summary
      Here it will display the reminders based off of the selection. You may edit any information here.

Calendar 9.jpg

      • Changes will be saved and a new calendar page will display.

Calendar 10.jpg

      • Here you can choose to reset your calendar if you no longer wish to receive reminders.
      • With the Calendar tab, you can configure next year’s calendar or reconfigure this year’s calendar.

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