Changing Enrollment Information

Make changes to your enrollment information.

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    • If not already, navigate to the Home tab.
    • To change the preparer contact, click Preparer Contact Information on the right side.
      • The Preparer Contact Information is what we use in case we need to contact you.

 Changing Enrollment Information

    • To change the Company Contact, select the Companies tab.

      Note: Changing the company contact or company information will require a new signature authorization form. Please print, sign, and fax or email the signature authorization form to update our records.


    • The Companies tab also includes the following options:
      • Add additional taxpayers
      • Update taxpayer information
      • Edit/Add bank account information
      • Edit/Add Filing States
      • Enter usernames, passwords or pins that you have received from a Federal or State Agency. These will appear under the Additional Agency Requirements after selecting the Filing States. This information is needed in order to file on your behalf.

Changing Enrollment Information


    • Once the information is updated, click the Save Changes button. 

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