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"Filing" Tab Features

Learn more about "Filing" Tab features.

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To view the status of filings, click on the “Filings” tab located in the middle of the taskbar at the top of the screen.

Feature List

  • Selecting "Details" will give information on the processing status and filing dates/settings.
  • Archiving filings from the active filings page can be accomplished by checking the box to select the filing and choosing "Archive".
  • Sort Filing by selecting one of the categories. You can sort by:
  • Status
  • Added
  • Company
  • Form

To learn how to delete a filing:

Additional Features available to Batch Filers listed below:

Unpaid Filings

To pay for unpaid filings, select the "Unpaid Filings" option.

    • Select filings you wish to purchase at this time.
    • Add filings to your cart.

    • Select your filing preferences

      Note: When selecting your filing preferences, it will select the same options for all filings that are currently selected. If different options are needed for different filings, they will have to be selected separately. 

    • Continue to your shopping cart to purchase your filings or select additional filings.

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