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Filing Status

Learn how to check your filing's status.

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To check the status of an eFiling, please follow the steps below:

    • Navigate to the "Filings" tab.
    • You will see a list with each eFile that has been submitted.

Learn how to check your filing's status.


    • Every filing will have 1 of 3 main statuses; "Open", "Closed", or "Deleted".  
      • An eFiling changes to a "Closed" status after Aatrix has submitted the filing and received confirmation that it was received and accepted by the agency; or a user can manually close eFilings when they have been rejected.
      • If a status is "Open", that doesn't mean it has not been submitted to the agency. To view more detailed status on a particular eFiling, click on the "Detail" link just to the right of the AFID number (Aatrix Filing Identification).

Learn how to check your filing's status.


    • Some filings may have multiple "jobs" or portions.  These portions may be submitted by Aatrix at different times and will display in the details underneath "Processing Status".  
      • If a job is "Awaiting Batch Processing" it has not yet been submitted by Aatrix.  
      • If a job has been submitted successfully, it will say "Complete".  
      • Once all jobs are marked as "Complete", the eFiling status will change to "Closed".  
      • If Aatrix has submitted a job to the Agency (the job says complete), you will no longer be able to delete the eFiling.

Learn how to check your filing's status.

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