Correcting "Error: Company Information is invalid."

FAQ: How do I correct the error, "Company Information is invalid." when processing Print & Mail reports?

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Question: How do I correct the error "My Company Information is Invalid" when processing Print & Mail reports?

Answer: Follow the instructions below.  

    • Close the Form Viewer and in your payroll program go to the Company Information screen.
    • With the company selected on the left side, verify that the company, name address and contact information is correct.

      Enter the two-letter abbreviation for your state in capital letters.
    • Verify that the company Federal EIN is entered.
    • Verify that the company State Withholding (if applicable) and Unemployment Account Numbers are entered.
    • When changes are complete, go to the "File" menu and select "Save" and click "OK" in the box stating your company information has been updated.

FAQ: How do I correct the error, 'My Company Information is Invalid'

    • Reprocess the report.
    • As the report comes up, select the items you changed to use the new values and click "Continue".

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