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Printing Filing Copy

FAQ: My forms are printing with Records Copy across them. How do I print the copy to be filed?

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Question:  I have entered the new Registration Code but my forms are still printing with "Records Copy" across them. How do I print the copy to be filed?

Answer: Follow the instructions below.  

    • Quit out of the Form Viewer. 

    • Reprocess the form.

    • Fill in all red fields on all pages of the report then go back to page 1 and verify the information on the report is correct.

    • Click on the "Next Step" button on the tool bar to finish processing the form.

    • Read the "Important Notice" box and when you are satisfied the information is correct click "Agree".

    • Click the "Print" button to print the copy to be filed.

While most forms print a copy acceptable for filing, please note that some forms are not acceptable to submit on paper as the agency requires the form to be filed electronically.

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