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Learn more about eFiling Federal or State Forms.

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When forms are processed out, you can choose to "eFile" the form

The eFile option requires you first set up a user at efile.aatrix.comThere are additional fees for eFiling as well.

    • Per form it is $7.95, plus 25¢ per employee, if required to be listed on the form.
    • You can also purchase an eFile package that covers the filings for your company for a year, excluding W-2 filing.
    • For pricing and purchasing information, contact our sales staff at 800-426-0854 or by email at sales@aatrix.com.

The Due Date for eFile is three (3) complete business days prior to the form due dateThis is so we can batch file it to the appropriate agency on time.

Forms filed within three (3) business days is subject to a priority processing fee of $25.


Steps on eFiling Forms:

    • Once the form has been processed out, click on "eFile" from the top tool bar to open the eFile Client
    • Enter your User Name and Passwordthen click "Login".

Learn more about eFiling Federal or State Forms.


    • Verify the Enrollment Information is correct.

      If the information is not correct, close the window and login to efile.aatrix.com and make the necessary changes. Then come back and eFile the form.

Learn more about eFiling Federal or State Forms.


  • The Pricing Information window will give you the filing price for the form. If you have purchased an eFile Package it would reflect here.

    Click "Next" and Enter the Credit Card information for the filing charges, then click "Next".
  • The Confirmation window will show the following: 
    • Company Name
    • Form Name being filed
    • Company EIN
    • Address, City, State, Zip
    • Invoice Amount (if any)
    • Agency Payments submitted with the form 

      NOTE: Federal forms that are eFiled cannot be submitted with a balance due. All federal payments must be made separately with the Federal Tax Deposit Coupon and have the payment amount reflected on the form.

Learn more about eFiling Federal or State Forms.

    • The last step is that an AFID number is assigned to the filing in the last window. 
      • The Filing Info and AFID will be sent to the email address shown in the window. 
      • You may also want to write the AFID down for your own records.
    • Click "Done" to close the eFile Client.
Learn more about eFiling Federal or State Forms.

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