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Editing Custom and EZ Reports

Learn how to edit Custom and EZ Reports.

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To edit the information displayed on a Custom Report or an EZ Report you created:

    • In your payroll program, go to Reports Plus and select the "Custom" Tab.
    • Select the Report on the list and click on "Edit Report" on the top tool bar.
    • To remove items displayed on the report, select it under the "Assigned Report Items" and click the "Remove" button.
    • To add items from the list, select the type of item on the left side, select the item to be reported and click the "Add>>" button to add it to the "Assigned Report Items".
    • To move items up or down the list of "Assigned Report Items", choose the item on the list and select the desired button at the bottom to move up or down the list.
    • Click the "OK" button when you have finished with the changes.

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