Linking a New Payroll Item

Learn how to set up a new payroll item in the Aatrix Payroll Series.

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Before linking a new Payroll Item first you would need to make sure you have an account in Quickbooks to track it.

If you created an account for the item in Quickbooks, you will need to import a new Chart of Accounts list to the payroll program.

In Quickbooks, pull up your Chart of Account List and verify that you have the proper account set up to track the new item in.

    • Deductions are linked to an account set up as "Type: Other Current Liability". This tracks the amount due for deductions.
    • Income Items are linked to an Expense account. This track the expense for items that make up Gross Pay.
    • Company Paid Items are linked to an Expense Account and also linked to an account set up as "Type: Other Current Liability". This tracks the expense for the items paid by the company and also tracks the amount due for them.

Exporting/Importing your Chart of Accounts:

  • If you needed to set up accounts in Quickbooks for the items to post to you will need to Export your Chart of Accounts (COA) from Quickbooks:
    • In Quickbooksgo to the "File" menu and select "Export".
    • Choose List to IIF files.
    • In the next box, select "Chart of Accounts" and click "OK".
    • Enter COA for the "Save As" and be sure to save it to your Desktop and export the information.


  • To Import your Chart of Accounts (COA) into your Payroll Program:
    • In your payroll program, from the main "Payroll Navigator" screen, click on "Quickbooks Links" button to the right across the bottom of the window.
    • Click on the arrow to the left of "Designate Account Links" to expand the bottom of the window.
    • Click on the "Import Chart of Accounts" button and in the window that opens, navigate to your desktop, select the "COA.IIF" file you saved there and click "Open" to import the new Chart of Account list.
Learn how to set up a new payroll item in the Aatrix Payroll Series.


To Link the New Item to Quickbooks:

    • In 1 - Payroll Variables box, select the new Payroll Item you created.
    • In 2 - Chart of Accounts box, select the account to track the new Payroll Item In. 
    • Select the proper "Entry Type" to the left and click the Link button in number 4. The link will be added to the bottom of the Existing Link list.
Learn how to set up a new payroll item in the Aatrix Payroll Series.

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