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Selecting a Checkform to Use

Learn how you can select checkforms from your Aatrix Payroll program.

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There are many styles of checkforms to select from that would match to the checks that you currently use. For payroll it is preferred to use voucher checks that have the check and two (2) blank stubs.

You can order checks from Aatrix by calling our sales staff at 800-426-0854 for more information.


To select a Checkform to use for Payroll:

    • Go to the "Employee Information" screen.
    • Go to the "File" menu and select "Checkforms" and to the right. 
    • Select the desired checkform to use.

Learn how you can select checkforms from your Aatrix Payroll program.

There are many to choose from that will have two (2) paycheck stubs showing the current and year-to-date amounts for both income and deductions. One you can keep for the company and the other one you can give to the employee with their paycheck.

    • Those with Liability in the "Checkform Title" are for liability payments and not to be used for paychecks.
    • The Top, Middle, and Bottom in the "Checkform Title" refer to the position of the check on the checkform.

      i.e. Middle means there is a paycheck stub above the check and one below the paycheck.

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