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Exporting Hours from TimeCard®

Learn how to export employee hours from TimeCard®.

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To export the hours from your TimeCard® program to process payroll with:

    • In your TimeCard® program, go to the "Employees" menu and select "Export Hours".
    • In the box that opens, enter the date range for the hours to be exported.
    • In the next box for the "Save As", enter a title that you know this is the hours exported from Time Card, such as ABC 8/23/14 Payroll Hours for example, and select the destination to save it to, such as Documents.
    • Once the hours have been exported, using a flash drive, ethernet cord or a network connection transfer the exported hours to the payroll computer.

      Note: The exported file must be physically on the payroll computer for the hours to import. Put the file in "Documents" or on the Desktop.

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