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Importing CSV Files

Windows OS

Sample .CSV Files


W-2s / 1099s

If you are having problems with the formatting of your file in the mapping tool, or want an example file to use, download one of the following files that you can incorporate your employee/recipient data into to import into the W-2/1099 eFiling Service program.

.CSV Template Sample
W-2 Download Download
1099 NEC Download Download
1099 MISC Download Download
1099 DIV Download Download
1099 INT Download Download
1099 R Download Download



Instructions for saving an Excel File to a .CSV File (Windows Only)


Step 1: File Menu » Save As

Open the menu item "File", located at the top left, and choose "Save As".

Importing .CSV Files


Step 2: .XLS to .CSV

Select CSV from the “Save As Type” list box. You will notice that once this is selected Excel will automatically change your file extension in the “File Name” box from .XLS to .CSV.

Importing .CSV Files


Step 3: Save

After you click "Save", Excel may prompt you with a message box stating that the file may contain features that are not compatible with .CSV (Comma Delimited). Click "Yes" to save it in the .CSV format.

Importing .CSV Files