Batch e-Filing: A Real Time-Saver

The Aatrix Batch eFiling process provides significant time & cost savings for high-volume eFilers. The Auto eFile Enrollment feature for all your companies saves you time.

Review individual filings, make on-screen edits, correct any identified errors, and then save each file to be processed in a single set of steps when you have completed all of your customers filings. Pay for all your filings in a single payment, or pay during the eFile process.

The Aatrix Complete ACA/W-2/1099 eFile Solution allows you to eFile all of your filings in just a few easy steps.

Sign Up for Batch eFiling

Call Sales at (800) 426-0854 to sign up.


Review your eFilings

Simply follow the steps to process W-2/1099/1095 eFiling as directed by your payroll/accounting software, using the Aatrix W-2/1099/1095 eFile Wizard.


Select Filing Dates & Payment Method

Login to the your account at to manage filings.