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Printing and Reprinting Copies

Learn how to print copies for your records.

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At this time, Aatrix does not support a copy of the ROE to print without the "Records Copy" watermark.

This is because we only support the ROE for electronic filing. Since Aatrix would be submitting the ROE electronically, the copy for your records would have the "Records Copy" watermark.

To get a copy without the "Records Copy" watermark, go on the CRA website and log into your account. There you will be able to print your clean copy.


To reprint a "Records Copy" through the Aatrix Software, follow these steps:

    • Navigate to the Form Selection screen.
    • Open the History.
    • Select the ROE form from the list and choose to "View/Print".


    • The form will display and you can choose to print it. 

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