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Employee Information

Learn how to add, maintain, update, and correct employee info and lists.

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Entering New Employees »

Learn how to enter new employees into Aatrix Top Pay.

Changing Employee Names »

Learn how to rename / change employees names.

Terminating an Employee »

Learn how to change the employee's hiring status when they no longer work for your company.

Creating and Maintaining your own Employee List »

Learn how to create and maintain your employee lists.

Suffixes in Last Names (Jr., Sr., III, etc.) »

Read on how to include suffixes in employee names.

Tax Filing Status for Employees »

Learn how to assign tax filing status to existing and future employees.

Correcting "Error: -199" »

FAQ: How do I correct the error "-199" on an employee?

Correcting "Error: Employees no longer in alphabetical order." »

FAQ: I have updated my computer to Mac OSX High Sierra, 10.13 or to OSX Mojave 10.14 and my employees are no longer in alphabetical order. How do I get them back in alphabetical order?

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