eFiling Is The Safest Way To File Payroll Taxes 

eFiling Is The Safest Way To File Payroll Taxes

Apr 15, 2020

eFiling Is The Safest Way To File Payroll Taxes

The safest way to file payroll taxes.


E-filing is an electronic method of submitting personal income taxes, business taxes, payroll taxes, and any other state, federal, and local payroll reports. eFiling eliminates the need to deal with paper forms, envelope stuffing, or postage to file your returns and reports. Sensitive personal/business financial and tax data are encrypted and securely transmitted to our single-point eFile center.


The Aatrix eFile center error checks and validates your filing data. The information is formatted to meet the exact requirements of the agency it is to be filed to. Once filed you will receive a confirmation notice with a unique AFID number from AATRIX so you can track your  filing at efile.aatrix.com


How Safe is Payroll eFiling?

eFiling your payroll reporting is very safe when  submitting your payroll tax reports and payments. AATRIX software practices and has implemented the most secure processes in the industry to ensure your data is safe and secure. It's more secure than mailing a tax report or payment via snail mail as AATRIX   efile data is specially encrypted for extra security. Encryption prevents any access to data as it moves between your software and the eFile center. The same encryption methods are utilized when your reports and payments are sent to the appropriate agencies.


Advantages Utilizing AATRIX’s Payroll Reporting Integrated Solution 

A fully integrated payroll reporting solution provides many advantages. Perhaps the most important is that the integration process develops a close relationship between Aatrix and your software provider. This means that the data used to complete filings comes directly from the payroll data you have entered when  processing payroll. No need to transcribe data, export reports, or make massive edits.


5  Benefits of eFiling Your Payroll Reporting

eFiling is more than a way of embracing technology and saving a few sheets of paper or a few cents on postage. Aside from providing a safe and secure transfer of your data, it offers several other benefits for you.


   1. Easy and Accurate Payroll  Reporting Calculations

When you eFile using Aatrix, your data is displayed onscreen in a facsimile of the actual state or fed form, making reviewing and editing an absolute breeze. Error checks are done automatically to prevent rejections that can result in fines and penalties, saving you time and money. Aatrix will stop you when an error is detected, show you where the error is, and recommend a fix.

 AATRIX Payroll Reporting guarantees that all calculations will be performed correctly and that  payroll filing will be delivered on time and in the exact format the agency requires.


   2. Works on Your Schedule

eFiled payroll reports and payments can be filed at any time of day or night. If you haven't gotten around to doing your reports during normal business hours, you can do them late at night or in the early morning hours. If  AATRIX receives a filing on time it will be processed and delivered prior to any deadline. 


   3. Won't Get Lost in the Mail

Your reports and payments can get lost in the mail, but an eFiled report or payment doesn't have that problem. File electronically, and you get quick confirmation that your report or payment has been submitted successfully, and the payroll filing can be tracked at efile.aatrix.com


   4. Calendar Tools & Alert System Keeps Your Payroll Reporting On Time

AATRIX Payroll Reporting has an integrated calendar system available to automatically alert you when a payroll report or payment is due. Alerts can be received via text or email.


   5. eFiled Payroll Reports And Payments Do Not Pass Through Human Hands

When sent by mail, someone at the agency has to enter or scan your tax information into their system. Keying errors and technical problems can interfere with getting your reports and payments processed correctly. When Aatrix eFiles your report your data goes directly into the agency, bypassing the chance for human error.





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