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Aatrix named to IS Top 50 Most Valuable Microsoft Solution Provider Companies

Aatrix: An Innovative Solution for e-Filing of All Payroll Reports and Payments
Electronic filing of payroll reports and payments is no longer a trend, it is a business essential. Virtually all federal and state agencies are moving to 100% electronic…

Printing Employee/Recipient Notice

Learn how employee/recipient notices are printed on the W-2, 1099, and 1095 Forms.
When it is elected to have Aatrix print and mail the employee/recipient copies for forms W-2s, 1099s, and 1095s. The notice for each form type is automatically included on the…

Amount Due on State Reconciliation Returns

Learn about amounts due during the W-2 and 1099 process on state reconciliation returns.
During the W-2 and 1099 process for states, if your state reconciliation return has an amount due on the return, Aatrix will not be handling this payment. At this time, state…

Microsoft Redistributables

Learn about the Microsoft Redistributables install.
The Visual C++ Redistributable Packages install run-time components that are required to run C++ applications built using Visual Studio 2015. The installation of these components…

Update Issues

Learn how to troubleshoot update issues.
When running the automatic update, if errors are encountered please have the company's internal IT department try and download the test files at {CCM:BASE_URL}/info/updates to…

System Error

Learn about the System Error related to Windows Updates.
The program cannot start because api-ms-win-multibyte-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. This issue happens when the computer is not up to date with windows updates.…

Session Creation Error

Learn more about troubleshooting this error message.
Session Creation Errors can be caused by internet connection issues, the lack of Aatrix's safe sites, or communication is being blocked by either firewall or security…

Cannot Convert Input DB

Learn to troubleshoot this error message.
If the message "Cannot Convert Input DB:" is being received, it is most likely that part of the Aatrix program is still open. Please minimize screens to find the already opened…

Michigan 5080 Form

Learn about eFiling the Michigan 5080 Form through Aatrix.
The state of Michigan will accept multiple 5080 Forms. Processing this form through Aatrix we will be submitting only the withholding information. It will be the employer's…

Processing 941 Q2 2020

Learn about processing the 941 and changes made for Q2 2020.
The following significant changes have been made to Form 941 to allow for the reporting of new employment tax credits and other tax relief related to COVID-19. The new credit…

941 Form Payment Information

Learn about 941 payment being made at the same time as the 941 Form.
Payments are accepted during processing of the Federal 941 quarterly return. The payment must be under $2500.00 to be made at the same time as the 941 Form. If the payment amount…

Expired Watermark

Learn why your reports are printing with an "Expired" watermark.
When the "Expired" watermark appears on the tax form when printing, it means the automatic update was not taken. To remove this watermark, go back and run an automatic update.…

Update Submission Dates

Learn how to update W-2, 1099, and 1095 submission dates.
Go to Login.  Navigate to the "Filings" tab.  Filings may only have the Submission Dates changed if the filing has not begun to process. Note:…