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Reporting Information

Information reported to the IRS

The IRS requires employers to report the Offer of Coverage, and the Coverage Provided.  The forms will vary, dependent on the type of employer and the type of coverage:

    • 1095-B
      • Insurance Providers and Small businesses that have a self-funded plan. The form provides information on the coverage provided. Only employees who enroll in the coverage will be included in the filing and receive a 1095-B.
    • 1094-B
      • This is the Transmittal form that is filed to the IRS along with all the Forms 1095-B
    • 1095-C
      • Large employers will report the offer of coverage for every full-time employee. The form provides information on the coverage offered and the cost of the coverage.
      • Large employers that have a self-funded plan. Any employee, full-time or part-time, who enrolls in the coverage will have the information included in Part III of the 1095-C.
    • 1094-C
      • This is the Transmittal form that provides specific information about the ALE. The form will include authoritative information including employee counts, aggregated company data, and if the company offered Minimum Essential Coverage. This will file to the IRS along with all the Forms 1095-C.


In order to obtain all the information needed at year-end, track all of the following data throughout the year:

    • Monthly employee counts for both total and full-time.
    • Employee name and SSN, plus any dependant information if self-funded.
    • Months the employees and any covered individuals were enrolled in employer self-funded coverage.
    • Health coverage offered.
    • Employee share of the monthly premium (for lowest-cost self-only minimum coverage)
    • Affordability safe harbor information